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How to Download YouTube Video Watermark?

Our video watermark downloader is a free tool that enables you to download the watermark logos that appear in the bottom right corner of YouTube videos. Normally, it is not possible to access these logos by right-clicking on the player and selecting save as. This tool solves this problem and allows you to access the URL of the watermark image in the video.

How to use the YouTube Watermark Logo Downloader

Follow these simple steps to download YouTube watermark logos:

  1. Simply copy the video URL from the browser's address bar, paste it into the box on the form and click enter,
  2. Our tool will extract the watermark logo URL from the video and display it for you,
  3. You can click on the link provided to download the watermark logo.

What is a YouTube Video Watermark?

The image in the bottom right corner of YouTube videos is called a video watermark logo or video watermark image. Watermarks are a translucent still image or photo that content creators can add to their videos for various purposes.

These images can be a small logo or symbol that represents the identity of the channel or content. One can also use terms such as "channel logo", "video watermark", "video logo" or "bottom right corner logo" for video watermarks. However, the term "watermark" is the most common. Watermarks serve to promote the channel's brand or as a subtle form of advertising.

Video Watermark Sizes and Types?

A 150 × 150 pixel image is recommended. It should be a 1 MB or smaller PNG, GIF (no animation), BMP or JPEG file. The watermark, will appear on your videos in the right-hand corner of the video player.

How to Add Video Watermark?

Go to YouTube Studio,

  1. Then select Customization → Branding from the left menu,
  2. Click upload next to where it says "Video watermark",
  3. Select the watermark image you have prepared in the window that opens and upload it.

That's it.

If you want to go directly to where the video watermark is located, just click this link: YouTube Studio - Video Watermark

Does watermarking affect YouTube videos?

Watermarks do not cause any harm to the viewers' image or content.

Are Video Watermarks subject to copyright?

In general, downloading video watermarks does not pose a copyright issue. This is because video watermarks are often original graphics that creators or channels use to represent their brand. However, in some cases, using downloaded video watermarks may cause copyright issues. This tool allows you to view your favorite watermarks up close and get inspired by the designs. It is important to avoid unauthorized use and obtain the necessary permits.